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~Its #InternationalHotAndSpicyDay & I'm here for it! Now don’t get me wrong, I'm not talking about food so hot that my mouth loses all feeling. I'm talking about the hot & spicy that is full of flavour & is delicious! In my food or on top of my food, there is rarely a savory meal that doesn't include black pepper, hot sauce or some kind of chili. Occasionally I do lose my pepper mind & continue to slurp away at something hotter than my normal dish. Like spicy cold noodles (bibim guksu) for example. It's as hot as Hades but the flavour is so good! The burning usually stops after 10 minutes or so.😂

~I'm really wanting to try my hand at making my own hot sauce but there are so many on the market already. Although, making my own would a great opportunity to tailor the flavour to my own palate. I've also been trying to grow my own wiri wiri pepper plant for the last year & a half-ish & it's not going well. I've forgotten about it a few times this year & the dry out almost killed it. I'm going to keep trying though, hopefully, something will happen by this year. I'll see what 2018 brings.🤔

~Check out a few of my printable recipes in the links below. Make them as hot & spicy as you desire. Are you a lover of hot food 🌶️ or will you take a smooth pass?😧
Jalapeno "Bread | Beef Chuck Chili | Chicken Curry/Curry Chicken - Guyanese Style | Spicy Tofu & Rice Cake

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