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It's Take Your Dog To Work Day (US) & the end of Take your Pet To Work Week. I hope everyone who could, enjoyed taking their pooches in. I'm sure it can make an otherwise boring or long work day go by much quicker.

I was actually be able to go out and enjoy the outdoors without fear of passing out & ending up in the ER. I got my exercise in & saw all the new additions, young & old at the animal farm this morning. Tons of children were there as well. Plenty of classes too, I assume going on their end of year class trips.

I will relax this weekend. I will continue to edit my book. I will not stress about not working enough, this weekend. I will continue to take each day, one day at a time. I will appreciate all the good things that I have and contribute in this life. I will.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Enjoy the pics!

Greeted at the gates. A lot of butt shots.
No time for people, she was chowin' down!
Up close, the donkey was a sweet little girl. She liked head scratches like a cat.
Mother & daughter miniature horses, new additions to the farm, this week.


Relaxing in the sunshine & mud
"Baby" llama, she's almost as big as her mother.
She was right in there.
He was the only goat, still in his pen. I assume to keep the girls out of "trouble". Everyone else was free. His bahh, was kinda creepy. Sounded like he's been smoking & drinking hard for years 😉

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Gardening, sort of relaxing but not. All I can think about is my poor back. One good thing is my daily exercise is out of the way.

The rose bushes are coming to life.

Kai got her outdoor time. Trying to sneak up on the Robins without them hearing her, is not possible with her bell on. Poor Kai.

Kai wishing she could chase the squirrels & birds

Filled the multiple bald spots with grass seed & soil.

Pretty bad in some areas

Changed the compost spot. And restarted the compost for the year. I can't remember why we stopped. Not very green, I know. I'm working on it.

I found wire hangers & plastic in them. Seriously!

Took a lot of pics. Practice, makes as perfect as I can get.

1 of 2 rhubarb plants are growing nicely.
The Lilacs are smelling so good. It's hard to find flowers that smell good or at all.

Do you enjoy yard work or  do you wish you could hire someone do take care of it?

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