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On sale, $69.99 as of Jan 10, 2016 @amazon.ca. Follow the link. PetSafe Drinkwell Stoneware Pagoda Pet Fountain, Red

Beautiful out of the box.


I read in other reviews that the fountain is loud and it is. It's not like the motor, in my other pet fountain, from Petmate. It is the water running down the edges and hitting the surface, that the noise comes from. I personally find it relaxing, like at a spa, but it does take some getting used to. For the first few days, I kept thinking that I left the tap running in the kitchen.


When the fountain was up and running the first time, there was a strong chlorine smell, to me, so I can only imagine how strong it is to a cat or dogs nose. I would suggest filling running, then emptying the fountain 2-3 times to help eliminate some of the strong chlorine smell.

After using a new pack of filters, over the course of several months, the chlorine smell was not really noticeable. Maybe they changed something in the formula? Maybe the first pack of filters that I had were off? Anyway, it is much better.


Great for a multiple cat or small dog household. If I had a large dog, I would just stick with a big bowl, refilling it with fresh water as needed.

Kai was not having any part of the fountain for a couple of weeks. If you have cats, you know how they love new, noisy things (not). But I put her cat grass next to it and I think that helped her to get used to the "new thingy" and she was fine.

new cat fountain 2

I did buy this on sale. It was in my wishlist for months. I can wait, for most things to go on sale, because very few items are necessities. You can purchase the fountain through this link on Amazon.ca PetSafe PWW00-14289 Red Stoneware Pagoda Pet Drinking Fountain + Drinkwell Replacement Charcoal Filters for Avalon and Pagoda Fountains + Drinkwell Replacement Foam Filter for 360 SS and Avalon Fountains-2 Pack Bundle


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