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On sale, $69.99 as of Jan 10, 2016 @amazon.ca. Follow the link. PetSafe Drinkwell Stoneware Pagoda Pet Fountain, Red

Beautiful out of the box.


I read in other reviews that the fountain is loud and it is. It's not like the motor, in my other pet fountain, from Petmate. It is the water running down the edges and hitting the surface, that the noise comes from. I personally find it relaxing, like at a spa, but it does take some getting used to. For the first few days, I kept thinking that I left the tap running in the kitchen.


When the fountain was up and running the first time, there was a strong chlorine smell, to me, so I can only imagine how strong it is to a cat or dogs nose. I would suggest filling running, then emptying the fountain 2-3 times to help eliminate some of the strong chlorine smell.

After using a new pack of filters, over the course of several months, the chlorine smell was not really noticeable. Maybe they changed something in the formula? Maybe the first pack of filters that I had were off? Anyway, it is much better.


Great for a multiple cat or small dog household. If I had a large dog, I would just stick with a big bowl, refilling it with fresh water as needed.

Kai was not having any part of the fountain for a couple of weeks. If you have cats, you know how they love new, noisy things (not). But I put her cat grass next to it and I think that helped her to get used to the "new thingy" and she was fine.

new cat fountain 2

I did buy this on sale. It was in my wishlist for months. I can wait, for most things to go on sale, because very few items are necessities. You can purchase the fountain through this link on Amazon.ca PetSafe PWW00-14289 Red Stoneware Pagoda Pet Drinking Fountain + Drinkwell Replacement Charcoal Filters for Avalon and Pagoda Fountains + Drinkwell Replacement Foam Filter for 360 SS and Avalon Fountains-2 Pack Bundle


(Disclosure: Affiliate, meaning at no extra cost to you, a small percentage of the sale comes to me links are in this post. I will only recommend products that I have used in the past or continue to use currently. )

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(Disclaimer: Not meaning to slam any business but the truth is, well , the truth. Now the misses are subjective, as my tastes are different from yours. Hope you get some use out of the post.) 


Depending on where you live, Burnaby, BC has pretty much everything a person could want. Close to the SkyTrain, bus, grocery, shopping etc. Lougheed Town Centre, right next to the SkyTrain and the bus. It's a nice place but at this point, isn't for me. I didn't get "that feeling". The food was probably one of the best, when it came to amenities, in Burnaby BC. Burnaby has nice hiking/walking areas to explore. This dragon sculpture was pretty neat. My best friend graciously hosted me and was an awesome tour guide for 2 weeks!


*Prices: Thifty ($), Mid-range($$), Pricey($$$)

-$$ Sushi Gen, takeout (9626 Cameron St ,Burnaby, BC ): Hit  

Average cost per roll, $15. Amazing sushi & sashimi. Fresh ingredients, great presentation, wonderful owners and staff. Go there, it's worth it!




-$$ Red Robin, takeout (Burnaby, BC, 9628 Cameron St): Hit, sort of.

I had the bacon cheeseburger $8.99 (blue cheese), comes with fries. Tasty burger, not dry, nice flavour, not too salty. The fries were good, but I prefer, skinny or regular cut fries. The service, was not that great. They were training a new host, but I don't think it was going well for him. He forgot my order and had to check with me twice, about what I had ordered. The wait was ridiculous, just under 40 minutes, for takeout. There were a lot of other people waiting for tables and they were not impressed with the long wait either.

Burnaby-Red-Robin-3-$ Creative Nails & Esthetics: Miss   

Eyebrow threading ($5). My eyebrow, hair removal of choice. I was happy at first, but then I had a good look. My eyebrows were not even, too far in on one side, & my natural arch was gone. A plus, the service was quick, it took less then 4 minutes. The owner was really nice and accommodating.



-$$ COBS Bread, 9855 Austin Road, Lougheed Town Centre: Hit  

$3-ish per baked good. This bakery is everywhere and they are good. The owner of this particular location is super outgoing and friendly, along with his staff. The scones are the best thing, at this bakery. My favourites being the chocolate and blueberry scones. And yes, I brought some home, froze them and just enjoyed the last one 2 days ago. So good!

-$ Anna's Cake House: Miss   

$2.10 each. The green tea cake was oddly textured. The flavour was good, not too sweet, but I couldn't get over the texture. I had a beef curry puff, the only thing that I had all day and my stomach let it go quickly. I did not go back.

-$$ Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, 9855 Austin Road, Lougheed Town Centre: 50/50   

Average $3/chocolate piece. Okay, most of the chocolates were overly sweet. Although they had really cute Easter products. They also have fudge, and other confections.

-$$ Purdys Chocolatier, 9855 Austin Road, Lougheed Town Centre: Hit  

Average $3/chocolate piece, $13.50/for 3 chocolate bars. Some were good, some of the fillings just were not my cup of tea. My favourites are the Peanut Butter Bar, Sweet Georgia Browns and the English Toffee. They also have ice cream, and other confections.

-$ Big Orange, 9855 Austin Road, Lougheed Town Centre: Hit   

$4.75/one size, bubble tea. The best bubble tea place that I found. All locations are not equal. This location had the chewiest, non-slimy tapioca balls around. And believe me, I tried them everywhere. The tea was not overly sweet or watered down. And it lasted, tasting great, kept in the fridge, until the next day. Only downside, they ran out of the pearls often. Or did not have them until an hour after opening.

-$ Chipotle (4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC) : Hit   

Average entree price $8.95. Really good. Nicely flavoured. Great customer service. One of the employees was in line, as well, and helped us decide what to order.

-$-$$ Canada Post Lougheed postal outlet: Hit  

Great service, friendly staff. Open on the holiday to take packages, even though they did not go out until the Tuesday, after the Easter holiday.

-$ BC Ferries: Hit   ($16.85, one-way)

Great staff. Clean. Food and drinks available. Nice decks to relax on, inside and outside. Shopping and arcades for the kids. The only thing I don't like is that animals have to stay on the same deck with the cars. What if you don't bring a car? Do they just stay in their cages, blowing in the wind? They need to work on that. Otherwise great experience and I will travel with them again.

-$ I-Mart (9616 Cameron St, Burnaby, BC): Hit

Small grocer, international market. Friendly owners. Found Tapioca Balls.

-$ T&T Supermarket, Asian market (147-4800 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC): Hit

They have them in Ontario as well. You lucky people who have T&T near you.

-$ Hannam Supermarket, Asian market (4501 North Road, Burnaby, BC): Hit

Another great Asian market to check out.

Part 3 next week, have a great weekend! Part 1.


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