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Low-key day. Not feeling so hot, but I can't get behind in work. Doing the minimum amount today. Which really isn't that minimum, but anyway.

Took some pictures, have to keep up, the practice makes perfect.

Picked some rhubarb. I have some recipe ideas, that I will post when they come to fruition.

Going to be a beautiful, not-too-hot day. I will enjoy some of it. I will be thankful, because I could & have felt worse. Enjoy the day beautiful people!

When your not feeling so great, do you give in to those feelings or keep going in hope that you'll feel better as the day goes on?


Song of the Day:Walking With a Ghost - Walking With a Ghost / You Wouldn't Like Me - Single Walking With A Ghost, Tegan & Sara, So Jealous, 2004, Vapor Records under exclusive license to Smart Casual. Watch Walking With A Ghost. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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Gardening, sort of relaxing but not. All I can think about is my poor back. One good thing is my daily exercise is out of the way.

The rose bushes are coming to life.

Kai got her outdoor time. Trying to sneak up on the Robins without them hearing her, is not possible with her bell on. Poor Kai.

Kai wishing she could chase the squirrels & birds

Filled the multiple bald spots with grass seed & soil.

Pretty bad in some areas

Changed the compost spot. And restarted the compost for the year. I can't remember why we stopped. Not very green, I know. I'm working on it.

I found wire hangers & plastic in them. Seriously!

Took a lot of pics. Practice, makes as perfect as I can get.

1 of 2 rhubarb plants are growing nicely.
The Lilacs are smelling so good. It's hard to find flowers that smell good or at all.

Do you enjoy yard work or  do you wish you could hire someone do take care of it?

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Song of the Day: See My Kind of Love, by Emeli Sande, Our Version Of Events, 2011, Virgin Records Ltd. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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