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I love that Stanley Park, in Vancouver BC, Canada, has a beautiful rose garden. I make sure that I visit at least once a year. It's a shame that roses don't last longer. They are a beautiful flower, even the scentless varieties.

Today is #NationalRedRoseDay, so I wanted to share some pictures of roses, that I've taken. Red happens to be my favourite colour, so I have a special affinity for red roses.

Did you know that:

`There are over 150 varieties of roses in the world.

`Most rose varieties are not cultivated/for sale.

`Roses are an edible flower. Currently, I don't use them in food but when I was growing up I would eat roses from our garden. Just the petals. Only because we didn't use pesticides. So be careful about eating random roses!
Are you a rose lover? Do you have a favourite variety or colour of rose?

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