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Excuse my long absence, but life got busy. Then I needed to do only what needed to get done, or only what I wanted to do.

My last semester of school did not end on the high note that I wanted it to, but it could have been a lot worse. I could have dropped the entire semester and came back to finish it this January. As things sit I did not pass my last course and I will be retaking it, as soon as I get the okay from the program coordinator in the next few days. I was learning something new, I lost too much time, and could not catch up. I tried until the last day but.... I'm still waiting for 2 of my 6 marks but I'm sure that I passed those ones.

I'm not going to beat myself up because I had a lot on my plate and I could have just given up. The only thing left to do is retake the course, get a great grade and continue on. I have my business plan to work on, my logo, website, etc. That was supposed to be at least started in the last quarter of 2014, but life happened. So it's getting done currently. More updates on that as they occur.

I've been surprisingly busy during the day, there's always something to do, or somewhere to go. So I haven't really caught up on sleep or rest. I can't wait until I can go away, somewhere. I do have some plans in mind and will share, when everything is finalized. I'd like it to be all about me, for at least a week. Who knows if it's possible but I'd like to try. That's it for now, I'm tired and I have a list of stuff to get done today. Have a great weekend!

Kai in her window ledge

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I've heard that at this time of year when there's a big snow storm, it should be the last big one of the year? Who knows, I'll have to see that to believe it. It doesn't mean that the snow is done but it shouldn't be as plentiful. Have any of you heard that? It could be along the lines of the poor groundhog and his "predictions". Anyway this is Canada and it snows, so really there's not much to complain about. These are the winters of my childhood. It used to snow like this all winter long.

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feb 3-14 blog

Acne update: The food elimination was not doing anything, so I'm over it, for now at least. I completely forgot about colloidal silver. I used it all the time for other skin issues such as my eczema, which thankfully hasn't bothered me for a couple of years. So I'm going to try it on my face and for any other skin issues that are ailing me. The idea came about when I noticed a few days ago that Kai the cats eyes were watering really badly and she was squinting in her right eye. A co-worker of my sisters suggested colloidal silver as an at-home remedy to try before the vet. But thankfully her eye issue cleared up the next day, I was going to take her to the vet today, if it was weepy all weekend. She looked quite pitiful. I do think that she was munching on a house plant. Not a poisonous one but it can irritate their mucus membranes. So yeah the plant needs to be put even higher up. Oh Kai.

feb 3 blog -2

Have a great Monday and week! I'll do my best to do the same. Positive thoughts, positive actions, positive words. I will, I can, I am.

Till next time,