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It's the end of my BC Travel Series. I hope you found it helpful. I can't wait to explore more of the province and more of my beautiful country!

Getting there. Using the Pacific Coach to get to Victoria was a great option. If you do take a car, they dock on the 1st level, I believe. A little more money than Greyhound but it was worth it to me.


Victoria Public Market: Hit   A small but great market. Restaurants and shopping, with plenty of locally made products to take home or give as a gift.

Grocer at the Hudson: Hit  Within the Victoria Public. Tons of locally made & organic items. These jams are so good & can be purchased @http://www.mrsjonesjams.com/b-u-y/ I just finished mine, a couple weeks ago. I can stretch a product, when I don't know if I can have it anytime soon.


Triple Spiral Metaphysical Gifts (link not working at time of post): Hit   Located in Chinatown. The oldest in Canada, but also the tiniest. Crystals, incense, candles, books, etc.


Victoria Pie Co.   The apple pie was okay, but others may find it great. I didn't get to try any of the savory pies, which I heard is the thing to get when you come here. Next time!

Victoria Pie Company Apple turnover Victoria BC 2

Salt Spring Island Cheese: Hit   Lots of samples to try. Cheese and olives the day I was there. I have seen this honey, infused with lemon rind, in Granville Island although I can't remember which shop.


The French Oven Bakery: Hit   Yum, yum, yum. I'm not a huge bread person, but these were delicious! Chocolate Brioche & cheese croissant. If I was in Victoria longer, I think I would have been converted!


Venus Sophia Tea Room: Hit   Probably the macaron, that I've had to date. This was a rose flavoured. Delicate, crispy. Just enough rose essence, not overpowering in the least. I'll be back, possibly for actual tea.

Rose macaron Victoria BC

La Tana: Hit   A nice Italian bakery directly across from Pure Lovin' Chocolate. I had the rosemary & onion focaccia.


Crust Bakery: Hit   I had my first and so far only cronut and I still think about it today. It was so good. Flakey layers. Not too sweet cream filling. Right amount of chocolate flavour. This will be one of my first stops when I get back to the island. Higher price point but so worth it to me. Th pecan tart was delicious as well. Again not overly sweet, great flavour. Fresh pecans, and a lovely, not too thick, buttery crust.


Ooh La La Cupcakes: Hit   I would go back again. I loved the fact that they had mini cupcakes of all the flavours. He cakes were moist, perfect flavours. Nothing artifical about it. I believe they use an Swiss meringue? buttercream, not the North American buttercream that I'm used to.

Ooh La La Cupcakes, mini, Victoria BC 2

Pure Lovin' Chocolate   If you love dark chocolate this is the place for you. I can appreciate the quality but my palate, just found the chocolate to bitter and intense. The candies below were good though!



Chocolat: Hit   More chocolates I "had" to try. Delicious!

Chocolate Box Victoria

Rogers Chocolates   Pricey, but if you like chocolate, give them a try.

Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut: Hit   These were delicious. Again at a higher price point but I would go back.

Fat Burger :Hit   Pricey but worth it, for an occasional treat. You have to pay for quality. Fresh veggies, crisp bacon. Soft bun. Tender, perfectly cooked beef patty. Yummy! You will not leave hungry.

Victoria Fat Burger 2

La Fiesta Cafe: Hit   I wanted something different and I was craving Mexican style food. I couldn't find the other restaurant recommendation, so when I stumbled upon this place, I decided to take a chance. Decent prices and a lot of tasty food. A lot of salsa & hot sauces to compliment your food. More than I was expecting. I will be back.

La Fiesta Cafe Victoria BC

Artisan Wine Store : Hit   I was able to try an ice wine before I bought it. (Was saving it for when the house sold, but will probably have it at Christmas) High to low price point.

Strath Liquor Store : Hit   Great wine & spirits store. Knowledgable and friendly staff. Again, a high to low price point. Wards cider was amazing! Sweet, which I like, and great flavour.


Along the waterfront.

Victoria BC

Parliament building

DSC_1163 DSC_1162

Empress hotel in reconstruction.

Victoria BC hotel reno

Victoria BC 2

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(Disclaimer: Now the misses are subjective. My tastes are different from yours. Although there are no true misses in this post. These are just some of the locations that I visited. These are most of the other places, before my last travel post of the beautiful, Victoria BC.)

T&T Supermarket: Hit Coquitlam, Burnaby & Vancouver BC (I went a few times)   A huge Asian market, located around BC, Alberta and a few places in Ontario. I'm kind of in love with this place and the coconut buns. I'm not really a bread person but I could become one. Warning, it's always busy and crowded, so if that's not your thing, stay away.




I-Mart: Hit   Asian market, in Burnaby, BC

London Drugs: Hit   In Burnaby, BC. Similar to Shoppers Drug Mart in price, but with more house ware. I had to leave before I bought more then I intended to. Mostly expensive with good deals splattered around the store, if you look for them.

Diana Market: Hit Burnaby, BC   Small Middle Eastern market, where I found some great spices. I can see myself going back to restock when I'm in the area.


Hannam Supermarket: Hit   Another Asian market in, Burnaby, BC


Choice Markets: Hit   In Vancouver, BC. Great produce and selection. Comparable to Whole Foods but on a smaller scale. Pricier, not for bargain hunters/budget people. But I like to check out all options.

Save -on-Foods: Hit   In Burnaby, BC. Large store, great selection on organic, health foods. Can be pricey, but you can find good deals if you look around, plus they have a rewards program. Points are always good in my book!


GOGO PIZZA & PASTA HOUSE: Hit, takeout in Coquitlam, BC   2 pizzas for under $20. Great prices. The business looked clean. I did not get food poisoning. Great customer service. Pizza was very tasty. I had extra pepperoni, mushrooms, extra cheese. Good crust, nicely flavoured sauce. Able to change from regular crust to thin crust. A lot of combo deals available.  Check it out.

Burnaby GOGO Pizza & Pasta House 3

Belmont Bakery & Bistro: Hit   In New Westminster, BC. The apple pie I had tasted like homemade, it was so good. Not too sweet. Ample filling, with the apples still firm. Flaky, crispy, not-too-thick crust. I will be visiting them again if I get to go back to the area. (Which I have since. The pierogies are super tasty.

Yokoyaya: Hit  In Vancouver BC   Japanese dollar store, but like other dollar stores, very few items are just $1.


Old Navy: Hit   Clothing store, in Canada and the US. This one was in Surrey, BC

Bentley: Hit   Luggage and accessory store, in New Westminster, BC. Located across the country. Where i found the bottle protectors.

Bed Bath & Beyond: Hit   In Richmond, BC. Great deals occurring all of the time, if you're wiling to spend a little money. The store does smell good, if you're not overly sensitive to perfumes/scents.

Dollar Tree Stores Canada, Inc.: Hit   In Burnaby, BC. I love a great dollar store. You can find great prices and many of them have brand name items.

WalmartA reluctant Hit Burnaby, BC   I normally wouldn't do this but I have to give Walmart a shout out. I needed a last minute bag & lock and they were the only place open at 10 p.m on a Sunday night. Plus the customer service was great.

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(Video of some shopping)

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park 2

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