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Not much to report. It was raining all last week. Well for the most part. My day off, Sunday was a completely bummy day. I ate, watched YouTube. Ate some more than had a super long nap. Ate again and then went to bed. It was good enough. I had no desire to traipse about, especially in the rain. I could have read but I didn't feel like it. I needed to shut my brain off and watching ridiculous content on YouTube helped.

Do you feel like you should be productive on your days off? Or are you content with doing nothing at all? I like the latter, most of the time.

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Happy 1st day of Summer!

The goslings, are almost grown up. They were running, wanting nothing to do with me. They probably thought I wanted to steal their babies.

june 18 2014 3

Just a couple of weeks ago. Two families sharing the space.

June 6 3

Some ducklings and their mom. Dad was lagging behind, with a couple other ducklings.

june 20 2014 4


june 19 2014

Some pictures of the pot garden, herbs, tomatoes, greens. One of the few good things about the hot weather.

garden june 19 2014 2 garden june 19 2014

I canned some hot peppers last night, using some fresh lemon thyme. I won't know if they're any good, because I want to let them sit for a couple of months. It's fun to me. It's also hit or miss, but when it's a hit, it's a hit.

pickled banana peppers

Kai in a box. Why not. Earlier in the week, during a very hot day, I thought she got outside. I was in a full grown panic, digging in bushes and calling for her. This was where she was, all four flaps of the box down.

june 19 2014 6

Otherwise life is chugging along. School is still my main priority, I'm determined to make it a success, even if it takes 2 years off of my life. Which I think it has. Using the non-creative part of my brain is not the norm for me.

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