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Back into the world of fantasy, in another series Storm Glass, book 1, published in 2009. The first in a series of 3 by author  Maria V. Snyder. Each book is better and more exciting than the last.

Main character Opal Cowen is a 20 year old, magician, training at The Keep. Her talent, glass blowing. The magic comes in her ability to capture magic within her glass pieces. A little bit of romance, intrigue, some violence. Listen to Opal change from a insecure student of the Magician's Keep (a school for magicians) to a brave and powerful magician herself. Learning about who she can trust and whom she can not. Capturing magic in glass; starting fires through mind control; levitation; control the elements. All of these magical talents and more are portrayed in this audiobook by various characters. If you are into fantasy, Maria V. Snyder is an author you should consider adding to your collection. A great escape from your everyday life.

I love this author and everything that I've read/listened to of hers so far. Which have included the Study series and the Glass series. Her words translate well into audiobook form. The only downfall is there not being a full cast, which I think would make all the difference in the world. The narrator of the glass series is Jennifer Van Dyck.  The audio download or the paper copy is a great gift for yourself or someone else.

I give audiobook 1 in the Glass series 3.5 out of 5, only because there's not a full cast.
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