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This Monday is well on it's way to be another scorcher. Shocker, I know. This summer is going on the record books for heat waves/alerts.

Finally got my Carols Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. That stuff is elusive. Seriously, I've been trying to get it for over a year.

Kai of course had to check out the box, it came in.

Last night's True Blood was great. It's the only show that I look forward to seeing all week. At least until the fall season starts again. I heard that for season 6, the show is getting a new writer. One that will follow the storyline of the books, more closely. Doesn't really matter to me because I haven't read the books. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Winner posted for the CBC Creative Non-Fiction prize announced today. Trying not to say "if only I had...". Maybe next year. Everything will come in it's own time. The prize included money, publishing, an interview and a 2-week stay at the Banff Centre’s Leighton Artists’ Colony. The 2 week stay to write in a different environment is what made my eyes light up & the "only if's" start.

Okay, off to do some serious editing. Enjoy the day & stay cool for those in the midst of another heat wave.

Song of the Week:Settle Down - Single - No Doubt Settle Down, No Doubt, 2012. Interscope Records. See Settle Down. So glad No Doubt is back with a new album. Love them! (Links may not work in all locations.)

Till next time,


Review of Blue Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Litter. I prefer natural, scent-free litters & so does Kai's skin. The last scented litter I used had her itching within 10 minutes of her use. Which means more expensive litter but hey that's how it goes sometimes.

Smell before use: nutty, just like the walnut shells, that they are.

Smell after #1 & #2 use: still nutty. Hid the smell of #1 well. Smell of #2 was a little noticeable up close, but not scenting the room.

Clumping factor: the same as the clumping pine litters. Not any better or worse. #1 was in a neat package. #2 (feces) well, was just there.

#1 (urine)

Tracking: just a little outside the box, from what was clinging to Kai's feet. No litter pieces up the stairs or on the furniture.

Transition issues: none. This is the 4th litter that I've tried & Kai the cat is not bothered by any changes. Yeah for me!

Price (in CDN): $21.99 per/17 lbs.

Overall: It's a keeper. I give Blue Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Litter 4/5.

What cat litters do you have the most success with & that your cats have no problems using?

Other happenings this week:

Lightening hit a large tree & cracked a branch. No damage was done to the house so, we're all happy about that. As long as I didn't have to get up on a ladder, all is well in the world. Even step ladders make me nervous.

This latest heatwave kicked my butt. I'm sure it kicked some of yours as well. The weather is a back to more normal temps, but the forecast is saying it's going to go back up at the beginning of next week. Ugh, I hate summer.

In the news:

These shootings, bombings, the face-eating BS is getting on my last nerve. Drugs, madness, a slight, a look? That's a reason to shoot up a block party or a movie theatre? People need to get it together. Close to home or across the border. I'm sick of it. I don't understand. I don't know if I'm supposed to understand. What can we do, if anything, to stop the madness? I don't know.

Hope everyone has a great Friday, despite the madness, & weekend. I hope I can get out there & enjoy the beautiful weather.

Till next time,