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If you look closely you can see green, plum tomatoes. One of the only good reasons, to grin and bare the summer heat.

june 28 2014

Now: The goslings are miniature versions of their parents. It's been neat seeing them grow. Again I couldn't get closer because they started running as I got closer.june 27 2014 6

Before:June 6 3

Saturdays pot-garden yield. Well, some of it. I just picked what I was going to use.june 27 2014 june 27 2014 (2)

More of natures beauty.june 27 2014 8 june 27 2014 10

Have a great Sunday!

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*Monday morning update: My back is trashed, this is why I don't shovel the snow.

I finally got to do something from my list of Outdoor Winter Activities.

Don't laugh too hard. It's been at least 20 years since I've built a snowman. He's a little crooked and lumpy but I cleaned the driveway & the sidewalk before I started building him. And yes my back hurts.

I think I just had to prove to myself that there's still a little bit of a kid inside me.

Song of the Day:The Fairy Queen: Part II (Acts IV - V), When a Cruel Long Winter, Benita Valente & Marta S, Purcell: the Fairy Queen (Abridged) - Dido & Aeneas, 2001, Opera d'Oro.

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