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When I started blogging last year photos were not that important to me. It was just something that I used to help spruce up my posts.

I've found through my own reading & research that people are more likely to stay on your page for longer, if there are pictures present. I personally, stay on pages longer that have photographs. To me, they can help tell your story.

Well, let me tell you. In the last couple of months, pictures have become just as important to me, as what I write. I thought I was content with the camera that I use but I'm quickly outgrowing it. I'm not technically savvy, nor do I have endless amounts of money to spend but the search for a better camera is on. (I'm also on the hunt for a new laptop. I miss the portability of it. I hate being tied to one room, for hours on end.)

I want the crispness, near perfection (in my eyes) & different options that a more professional camera can help me bring to life. I can't wait for the seasons to change again, so I can start documenting more activity around me. There's so much that I want to do with my photography & I'll share more of it with you when it's closer to fruition!

Have you ever had a simple hobby turn into a passion? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend!

Song of the Day: Watch, This Is Where I Sleep, (courtesy of RWD TV) Emeli Sandé, Our Version of Events, 2011, Virgin Records. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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No I'm not pregnant, nor have I been to a baby shower in a long time. I'm also not talking about baby showers in general. The ones that your friends/family throw you.

I'm talking about baby showers held by the new grandma. Not a problem if that's THE baby shower. In bad taste if it's a gift-grab baby shower. Which I think a lot of them are.

Example: New mom-to-be lives in another city. Grandma-to-be throws a baby shower & invites her friends. Mom-to-be is not in contact with most or all of invitees (grandmas friends). Mom-to-be doesn't come down for shower but attends the shower via skype. As far as everyone knows, nothing was preventing the mom-to-be from attending. Yes, skype. At least get your ass down & accept your gifts in person.

I'm not talking about your mothers friends with whom you have a relationship with. That's different.

Why on earth would I expect gifts or a baby shower from people who are not a part of my life? Most of whom I never speak to. I personally would feel embarrassed to accept these gifts, whether I needed them or not. But that's just me.

I can't stop people from throwing these gift grabs but I sure won't be attending them or sending a gift. And no, I'm not miserable or jealous, I just don't like being used.

Is this new? Has this always been going on? I think it's tacky? Your thoughts?

Song of the Day:No Going Back - Memoirs No Going Back, Rox, Memoirs, 2010, Rough Trade. Click here to see No Going Back. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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