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*Spoiler Alert* True Blood, Episode 604, "At Last". Sunday, 9 pm EST. Check your local listings for times in your area. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

  • I knew that Ben was a vampire, fairy hybrid. Interesting that he was a fairy first and that he was responsible for killing Niall's entire village. I wonder how Warlow/Ben stays so young looking. I guess it's the fairy part of him that can change their looks to match the dimension that they're in. Why was Warlow spitting out Niall's blood? Why didn't he just drink it? If he's half vamp it should do him good. But I guess the fairy part of him, would think it's gross, like humans would, as well. Where did Warlow toss Niall?
  • How did Niall's not smell or sense that Ben was Warlow?
  • Ginger and her screaming all the time! I would have killed her off seasons ago. Glamoured or not she knows about vamps.
  • I forgot about the fantasies that occur after a human drinks a vamps blood. Poor Jason! And then getting glamoured again. His brains are scattered enough, he'll be a mumbling mess by the time he's fifty.
  • Erick changing Willow into a vamp. That was clever on his part. Why do these people not give them clean clothes. In the ground all night, and they have them walking around in dirty clothes for days. Get it together.
  • That Nicole chick, I don't know about her. So far she just annoys me. Her reaction to Sam shifting was pretty funny though.
  • Sam is always falling into bed, with a broken heart. When is he going to have some lasting happiness? Nicole will be dead by next season, so I guess he has to enjoy happiness while he can.
  • Alcede needs to get his pack in order. I would terminate that chick, she is not worth it. All of that growling and yelling to get them to follow a simple command. He should leave and let them fend for themselves. But he won't, Alcede is too responsible.
  • Tara and Pam. The government is collecting the vamps one by one. I guess Bill's prophecy is coming true.
  • Jessica eating up the fairy daughters. That's going to be big trouble for her. Terry is going to lose any sympathy he had for vampires, if and when he finds out. I wonder how many of his daughters will survive by the end of the season. But I guess that's okay. Maurella, said only half of them have to survive. I wonder why Jessica was with the fairies all night not craving what she was smelling, but just lost it at the end.
  • Good ending though. Sookie is finally using her brains to some extent. At least Niall was able to pass on something useful to her before he got sent to who knows where. I don't know how I'll feel if Sookie loses all of her fairy juice. What else is there for her character to do. This episode did raise a lot more questions then it answered. Plus it was more then a little confusing.

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