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(Disclaimer: Now the misses are subjective. My tastes are different from yours. Although there are no true misses in this post.)

I didn't do a lot of shopping in Courtney because it was the Easter weekend, therefore a lot of businesses were closed, but I found some great treats. They have a mall, Driftwood Mall, but it's very small and about half of the business spaces are empty. Although I did get a tasty cinnamon bun from a bakery called Cinnsational. Using the Greyhound to get here was okay but getting on and off transportation twice (and paying twice) was a bit annoying. Travel to Courtenay, BC about 3.5 hrs, in total.


Passing through Nanaimo, to get to Courtenay, I immediately felt that I could live on the island. I'll admit, I got a bit weepy, because there are very few places that feel like home. That being said Courtenay, BC is a nice place but it's almost the same as where I live now. Small & homogeneous. The people there were absolutely wonderful, the mountain views were everywhere, and the air was clean. Housing is very affordable, which makes moving there very tempting. I do my best to never say never but for now moving there makes no sense, I could just stay where I am.

Nighttime view from my airbnb.
Night view from my airbnb.

Edible Island Whole Foods Market: Hit

The staff was friendly and ready to help, if I needed it. A small store but great selection. Pricey, but it is Whole Foods. If you're shopping organic, this is the store for you in Courtenay.

Day 3
Day 3 mung beans

Cake Bread Artisan Bakery: Hit

I went twice and the customer service was great, along with the quality of food. A tad expensive but it is worth it. A perfect place to treat yourself or pick up gifts for a friend. The carrot cake was amazing! It tasted like homemade. A perfect ratio of moist, flavourful cake to cream cheese icing. The serving size was huge. Enough for 2-3 people. Hot-Chocolate-choc

Hot Chocolates: Hit

Again, great customer service. The chocolates were probably the best that I had on my BC travels. I'm a milk chocolate girl. I will definitely be visiting them again. Who would have thought finding grape Jelly Bellies would be so difficult? I searched everywhere and only found them in Courtenay BC, at Hot Chocolates.Hot-Chocolate-choc-2

Thifty Foods: Hit

Super friendly cashiers, and Seafood department staff. I enjoyed a nice piece of perch, halibut and jumbo shrimp, along with fresh produce. Don't forget your airmiles card.

Coastal Black-Estate Winery: Hit

I purchased the Blueberry Table Wine, $18 and it was delicious! A sweet blueberry wine, with a strong floral finish, 13% alcohol.

Rawthentic Eatery: Hit

I just had the Green And Clean juice, which was graciously customized to add more ginger. $7-ish.

Although Courtenay was quiet, this was the first part of my trip where I was able to just breathe. I did a lot of walking, picture taking, and just being. If you are looking for someplace quiet, and peaceful, Courtenay, BC is a great vacation spot. Part 4Courtenay-BC-56

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Beautiful water views, with ferries to take you back into the city.

(Disclaimer: Now the misses are subjective. My tastes are different from yours.)

more granvilleGranville IslandHit

Granville Island Public Market is pretty awesome and I can't wait to go back. In Vancouver, but an entity in itself. Several indoor markets to choose from. All of the produce looked fresh, it was just a matter of your vendor of choice. Beer, wine, restaurants, shopping, theatre. Even a pet store.

View on the bridge walk over to Granville Island.


Cool artwork amid all the the construction.
Cool artwork amid all the the construction.

Ten Thousand Villages: Hit

Hand crafted, fair trade items, from around the globe. This napping kitty puzzle box was the first thing I purchased, I had to have it. Great sales staff, beautiful merchandise. Plus they had coffee and chocolate samples that day.DSC_1535

ChocolaTas: Hit

They were beautiful and delicious but I forgot to take pictures before I ate them. 

Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey: Hit

I'm a lover of honey and I found a great stand. The owner had samples to try, before you buy. That is always great, in my books.



The Emily Carr University is on the island, for the art enthusiests out there. One of many places that I would like to see, when I have more time.

Granville Island Brewing: Hit

Nice people, and I picked up a couple bottle of beer to enjoy later on.

The Silk Weaving Studio: Hit

A beautiful store. The clothes are what I would call bohemium chic! Nothing purchased this time, but maybe when I go back.

The Kids Market: Hit

It's a pretty cool place. Great for shopping or just to tire out your kids. Games, food, candy & shopping.

PJ Creations: Hit

I love condiments and one of the first places at the entrance of the market was PJ Creations. She also had samples and they were delicious!

Liberty Wine Merchants: A Big Miss. I guess I looked like I didn't have money to spend. Everyone else, who came in before and after me was greet and served. Their loss. I will not walk into their store again.

This is a place, where you have to visit several times in order to see and experience every place fully. Make the time for Granville Island, it's worth it! Check out my video for a better look at a few of my finds! Also check out Part 3, if you missed that.

Till next time,