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At the vet

~It was a good annual visit to her favourite vet. I think she has a crush on him because she is not a fan of men. I've only seen her act so sweet around 3 men in total. This vet, 1 of my uncles & my father. Shocked every time.

~There's a little staining on her back teeth and some slight gingivitis on her back, bottom gums. It sucks but like my previous post stated, it seems like she is genetically prone to tooth and gums issues. I've literally put Kai's teeth on my daily checklist. It must get done. That gingivitis is going to be gone on her 6month complimentary visit. Brushing every day, which she is slowly getting used to. She's not happy but she is fighting me less every day & the growling has stopped. Victory for me.

~Her weight is great. Heart & lungs sound good. Her joints are good.

~Apparently, she doesn't look her age. Honorary black-don't-crack genes. Ha! I couldn't resist. In the picture below, is the first time Kai has ever relaxed at the vet. I mean laid out, comfortable. Little did Kai know that the veterinarian would be back with a vaccination for her. She tried to bite him when the needle went in but she got me instead. Which is okay, I prefer to get the wrath of her teeth. It was just a warning, no breaking or scratching of the skin.

~She is almost considered a senior. Age 9 is where it starts. A little sad, when I think about it but that's life, I guess.

kai upside down
She's always been weird (2010/2011?)

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