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and I wish I could put it on hold. I know that's not possible but that's how I feel. I'm kind of on autopilot right now. I'm trying to catch up with my classes, continue with the sale of the house, and deal with all of the tedious estate things that go along with death. I really can not grieve the way that I need to because I have to stay focused on my classes. If I let go now, I don't know if I'll be able to get back up.

I'm also trying to get completely caught up in the school assignments/quizzes that I've missed. All of my teachers have been great with granting me extentions, but I need to keep my mind occupied and get back on schedule as soon as possible. Hopefully by next week, I'll be able to do that. I'm trying.

I haven't been dog walking in a while and I probably should but I'm tired. I'm shooting for next week. I know that the pups will make me feel better. They always do.


I have a bunch of recipes and reviews waiting to be edited. I think I'll post one of those next week. This post sounds depressing as heck to me. Anyway have a great Friday and weekend.


Till next time,


the-unofficial-fallThe unofficial start of Fall. Kai has graced my bedroom with her presence, for the first time since the end of last Winter. A new/old sleeping buddy. Claps for getting woken up several times during the night.


big-boy-09-17-2014 big-boy-09-17-2014-3

If I had my farm, this big boy ("B.J.") would be coming home with me. He's huge, beautiful, a great walker, listens well. He is the s**t. I love big dogs and I love that I chose to dog walk.

I'm still in the process of figuring a good schedule for this online schooling. I think that I will be spending 1-2 days at the public library, getting my weekly reading done. I just don't think that I have a comfortable work space set up. Who knows? I'm trying.

Weekly Bee Count: 21: bumble bees; 11: honey bees; 0: unknown bee species; 0 monarch butterflies I'm assuming this will probably be the last couple weeks of the bees gathering their winter stores. Good luck bee friends, I hope to see you in the Spring. Seriously I pray that you come back and do not lose half or more of your colony over the Winter.

Till next time,