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Once again neighbours have come to the rescue. Sure we could have dug ourselves out, but everyday is getting colder, and the snow is getting heavier. So any help, is always appreciated. We just had to shovel out the car, walkways and stairs. Of course later on, I had to dig out the packed, icy snow courtesy of the city snow plows. What a bunch of jerks, but that's a rant for another day. A lot of closures occurred on Monday, hopefully things will be back to normal today. Well except for the temperatures which are supposed to be in the extremes for the next couple of days.

jan 6 2014 5

The poor bush out front has been completely bent over, from the weight of the snow and driving wind. I wanted to shake the snow off and try and straighten it out but when I attempted to do so, I heard a crack and left it alone. Moving it may cause more damage, so I'll let Mother Nature have the last say.

jan 6 2014 3

Kai the cat is still insisting that she can be an outdoor cat, but every time a truck with a loud engine comes by she freaks out. So I stripped her of her street cred. It's gone, she may be able to earn it back at a later date.

jan5 2014 2

How are you coping with the snow/extreme temperatures, if you're experiencing them?

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On a Saturday. Issues with Windows 8, that I'm fighting to figure out. I'll eventually understand it, but the process is a lesson in patience and keeping my cool.

I just found out that my school program doesn't start until the 13th, so woo-woo for me. This gives me time to get back to a decent bedtime. Over the Christmas holidays, I've been seeing too many early am sleeps. I can also use this extra time to try and get more familiar with the Adobe programs that I'll be using in my program. Some of those will be challenging, I can tell already. But I'm trying not to stress because as long as I go to class, study, ask questions and repeat, I will be just fine.

jan 2014

I will also be doing some serious reading. Stopped at the library Friday morning to exchange some books. The weather is icy cold. The wind chill is making Winter, not so pleasant. The wool socks just did not cut it, and that was only a short walk from the car to the library. At least the sun is shining and we didn't get that much snow, compared to many other places around the country.


Books I hope to read before I start classes.

Who Asked You? by Terry McMillian

Heartbreak Hotel by Deborah Moggach

The Widow Waltz by Sally Koslow

Stay warm and safe, wherever you are, and have a great weekend!

Song of the Week: Watch Candyman, by Christina Aguilera. (Links may not work in all countries. All videos belong to the artist/corporation. Links may be affiliate links.)

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