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  • This weekend was pretty relaxed. I had a nice long nap on both Saturday and Sunday, with zero guilt about it. (Yeah me, I'm so proud of myself. Finally learning that guilt does nothing but waste energy.) It was cold and the roads weren't that great, so where was I going? We were low on a few provisions (wow, that's an old word) but we managed and did without. We had food, but not the essentials that we wanted. Monday is supply day whether we like it or not. It's surprising how many things you use eggs, butter etc., in when you don't have them. 
  • It's so weird how we got dumped with snow (I know many of you had much more) and on Sunday evening it was raining. I forgot how fickle February weather could be.
  • I was supposed to edited some video together but the format was not correct, so I'll have to find some conversion programs. Obviously using a good but free program. I won't get to that again until next weekend. I'm bummed about it but I have other things that are of higher priority on my agenda. I also did not get to try my hand at spinning my alpaca. I forgot and if I'm honest napping was more important. That's okay though, the fibre isn't going anywhere.
  • Downton Abbey was great as usual, although I had to stop and check the time, because I thought hour-long show seemed to be going on for far too long. When they have 2 hour episodes they need to have a 10-minute intermission halfway throughout. Even if it's just to stretch your legs or get some feeling back into your butt cheeks. 😉

-I'm telling you Thomas got a break for the most part. In other houses he would have been tarred and feathered. It's lucky he has the support of most of the household, if not the approval.

-I'm glad that Branson is going to stay, at least for the near future. I think baby Sybil will help with everyone's healing.

-I can't believe that next week is the season finale already. I wish the show had a bigger budget so that the viewers could get 12 episodes instead of 7. Then we'll have to wait for god knows how long before the next season.

How did you fair with the weather this weekend?




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