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This week has been pretty calm and quiet, just the way I like it.

I will say it again. I am not happy about Mother Nature, not keeping up with her end of the deal. The snow was supposed to come for Christmas day and then melt away by the end of Boxing Day. The only thing that happened was more snow. Seriously MN, we have to talk.

Although on Christmas day one of our neighbours and his family went around and shoveled the driveways of out entire street. So nice!


I had my meeting with the employment consultant and I got some good tips. This meeting also reinforced what I already know. I need to get out of this cow-town and move to a major city, if I want consistent freelance writing opportunities. BC is still  #1 on my relocation list but at this point I'll go to any major city. One big problem though, relocating is expensive. Forget the stress of it all. I can handle that. Moving on is worth the headache. Unfortunately gold coins don't grow on the trees in my yard. 😉 I'll be editing my resume, again. Going back to revamp my Linkedin account and then continue to put out resumes everywhere. Even if I don't think I fit the description.

How's the end of 2012 wrapping up for you?

Till next time,