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-Working from bed today. Yesterday was a bit nightmarish. I had either a 24 hr flu, or a severe fibro flare. After going to bed at 9 last night, I feel mostly better today. My back just feels like someone threw a cement block at it. Normal for me unfortunately. I'm pretty sure stress & a crappy nighttime routine are the cause, this time. Although, I've been on a strict light's out by 10:30 pm for the last 5 or so days.

-So the hustle continues from bed. I don't know if I'll be able to work out today, it may just be a yoga day. Maybe. I hope everyone is having a better time than I am. If not, rest if you can and hopefully, you'll feel better tomorrow.


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News Bulletin : Just because I work from home, doesn't mean I'm not working.

Feasting on the struggling grape plant. See, they have to work as well.

What is not okay.

  • Coming into the room every 5 minutes and digging around in the drawer.
  • Asking me if I heard about the latest flood in some part of the world.
  • Asking me if I want to go to the grocery store.
  • Asking where the cat is.
  • Sharing the latest gossip
  • (My favourite) What are you doing?

All of the above is not okay. I'm working. What is so hard to understand about that?

I've had the, please don't interrupt me while I'm working conversation, many times but apparently it's not sinking in.

Maybe I should try the silent treatment, the next time I'm interrupted.

I have a schedule, that I need to stick to like everyone else. I don't like to start late because I don't want to be working at 12am. Going to bed at a decent hour is kind of nice and makes me less grumpy the next day.

If I'm getting a meal ready and eating, by all means talk, ask questions. I'm free for the time being. Why wait until I've been back to work for 5 minutes to talk about what's for dinner tomorrow.

I can't wait until I'm living by myself again. The constant interruptions are driving me nuts.

Song of the Day:Monster Hospital - Live It Out  'Monster Hospital' - Metric, 2006, Live It Out

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