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  • I had my first rabbit sighting this morning but my camera was not on hand. By the time I ran upstairs and back the rabbit was gone. Boo on me! That's okay, I won't forget to have it downstairs and ready for my 6:30 am sightings, again. It was raining all night and most of the morning and it's so relaxing to listen to. Minus the thunder, that I believe is freaking out Kai the cat. She refuses to sit by any window when the weather is too loud or active. It's stair watching all the way. Do your pets dislike the rain or thunder & lightening?


  • Finally got in touch with the dishwasher installer contractor and he hasn't and won't be in town until the end of the week or possibly the weekend. And no I have no desire to do it myself, because I can't afford to replace any parts that I may break because it's not my area of expertise.
  • My focus today is going to be on my autobiography. Something that is turning out to be harder then I thought it would be. Writing about me in a short, concise, yet interesting way that will get people interested in the things I have to say. In the form of my book and future books. Oh yeah and pay for it. No pressure, at all.
  • Today is also the start of World Homeopathy Week and this years theme is, infertility. I know very little about homeopathy and infertility but I do like the idea of mixing the new with the old to help fix and deal with health & wellness. Not just using homeopathy to fix what is broken but to prevent illness in the first place. Learn more @http://www.worldhomeopathy.org/

Do any of you use homeopathy in conjunction with western medicine or in place of it all together?


Till next time,