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  • March 1st was on Friday but I'm officially stating that is a new start of the Month today, at least for me. As I've stated in my previous post, February was blah and uneventful on the job front. Decent jobs are scarce, especially freelance jobs, in the beginning of the year. So the search sometimes seems like it's in vain. But I'll keep going until something decent breaks.
  • The days are getting longer which is helping my brain wake up in the mornings and not want to start shutting down at 5pm. I love to start writing before anyone else in the house up but when it's pitch black outside, sometimes it's hard to resist pulling the covers over my head for an extra hour of sleep. 😉 How are you adjusting to the increase in daylight?
  • Today is the start of World Orphan Week, March 4-11th, 2013. This week is "aims to highlight the plight of children across the world who have been orphaned by disease, disaster, poverty or have been abandoned by their parents." Learn more about World Orphan Week @http://www.worldorphanweek.org.


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