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Yoga is going well. The flexibility is coming back sooner then thought it would. Muscle memory, I guess. I will continue to make time for it because it can't hurt and I feel that it's helping. Here's to hoping that I keep it up!

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Classes are so-so. We're starting to learn the basics of coding, which is something that I was and am looking forward to. I'm still having to reference the text book a lot but things are starting to click and are coming to mind quicker. Kind of slow for my liking but at least I'm starting to see progress. Sort of. I had to do an impromptu presentation in one of my classes, which I was not thrilled about. I've dropped classes in the past because of having a lot or any presentations. Not my thing at all. Isn't interacting in life, enough presentation? Jeez!

I've also started to go in early, about 1 hour to an 1.5 hours before school starts, to get a head start, catch up and/or review. Staying at the school until 10 at night is not for me. I fade by early evening.

Weather, cold, snow, blah, what's new? Enough on that. Have an awesome Friday and an even better weekend! If I can sleep in and maybe catch a nap, I'll be golden.

down the roadSong of the Week: Dem No Worry We, Super Cat, 1992. Yep, that's going back a bit. Watch here. (Links may not work in all countries. All videos belong to the artist/corporation. Links may be affiliate links.)

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I really hate to come on here and just whinge, but that is where life is for me right now. It's reality and I'm doing my best not to sugar coats things, when in reality things are covered in a huge dose of cheap, white, vinegar. Well it seems as though the weekends, at least one day, are not going to be a time to rest, recuperate and relax. I don't know how that's going to turn out in the long run. Class time is not enough time for me to absorb the knowledge. If I'm going to be able to spit it back out, without flipping through a text book, or checking the help menu, I need to practice. Which so far means, class time, evenings, early mornings, most of Saturday and Sunday.

I pray that things come to me a little quicker. If not, I don't know what is going to happen. The projects are just going to keep getting more and more complicated. I'm waiting to get it and enjoy what I'm learning, as told by many, including my teachers, but again I don't know. I'm trying to stay positive and remember that I'm not a dummy, but the positive self-talk isn't kicking in, quite yet. Some classes make sense, but by the time the next one rolls along or when I have an assignment, the new knowledge seems to seep out of my head. I'll be raising my hand so often, eyes will start to roll, but I have to do everything on my end, to make this successful.

You may be happy to hear that Monday was a bit better, although very fast paced, but I made it through. I've also started my morning yoga again, which I hope will help get the blood flowing and my mind right. I don't know why I always stop. Wish me luck, send prayers, anything, that I have the strength to make it through, successfully.

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Today is also Bell Let's Talk Day in Canada. It about mental health and trying to erase the stigma surrounding it. Their mission: "To improve the well-being of all Canadians by supporting research on mental health and mental health issues." Learn more @ http://healthymindscanada.ca/about-hmc/.

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